My name is Krisztián Nagy. I was born in Kisvárda, Hungary in 1974. I'm working and living in Budapest at the moment.

I took up digital photography when I was working on a multimedia CD-ROM in 1997. I bought my first digital SLR camera in 2005. I have given up nature/macro photography recently, and now I only take photos of aircrafts.

As for my profession, I am an electrical engineer specializing in computer integrated manufacturing/robotics, and lighting equipment/systems. At present I am working in the transportation sector. I have attended numerous courses: ATM networks, measurement of optical networks, security of computer networks (Budapest University of Technology), ATM switches I&C+OAM (Newbridge, South Wales), management of access and optical networks, manufacturing of optical cables (Siemens, Germany). In the year 2006, I took the final examination in the MBA training program at Corvinus University of Budapest.

My friends all know that I am a fan of a band called Kraftwerk. My previous nicknames (Manmachine, Die roboter) derive from this devotion of mine. I have seen two of their concerts live. One of my friends and I established a music club in Kisvárda in 1991. We played synth-pop music and EBM (Electric Body Music) with a strong Depeche Mode dominance.

I have two children, who are often the subjects of my photos. However, it is only my daughter who likes being photographed. Krisztián is interested in technics, whereas Ingrid is gifted in drawing and dancing. They often join me when I take a trip in the country. If you want to share your opinion of my photos with me, please send me an e-mail, or write in my guestbook.